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Athletics at Landy Field isn’t just about Little Aths on a Saturday morning - on Saturday afternoons the Senior Athletes compete.

The step from Little Aths to Senior Aths might seem like a big one, but essentially there’s not much difference. For the Track and Field season the format is a little different, with events being held at a specific time, and you are not expected to compete in every event offered for your age group. Also, there are weekly relays, pole vault and the steeple chase.

During the Cross Country season you can be part of the Geelong Team that run in Athletics Victoria races at venues around Victoria and/or you (and your family) can take part in the Geelong based runs on Sunday afternoons.

Athletes currently registered with Little Aths can join a senior club, once they have reached the age of 12, and compete for a small registration fee ($25 plus club fee if any - some clubs give discounts). If you just want to see what Seniors is like, you may compete by invitation twice throughout the season (competition fee is $7 for invitation). Once you are out of Little Aths it costs a bit more ($60-100 plus club fees). Bring along Mum and Dad and have them join in as well. It is a great way to keep fit and meet some great people, and you don't have to be a champion to compete - it's for everyone.

Any athletes wishing to compete at senior level should contact the Little Aths Centre Registrar for a form and direct their enquiries to any of the club contacts listed below. Also, ask your friends at Little Aths - you never know, some of them might already be competing.


Deakin Athletics 

Ian Blanchonette
m: 0437 615 569

Otherwise, check out their websites:
Deakin Athletics

Athletics Geelong 
Athletics Chilwell 
Geelong Guild Athletics Club 

Athletics Victoria 

And for those keen on Cross Country 
Geelong Region Cross Country Team