The Geelong Little Athletics year is broken into two seasons - Track and Field and Cross Country.

Track and Field 
The Geelong Little Athletics Track and Field season commences on Saturday 2nd October and runs through to March the following year. Competitions are staged at Landy Field on a Saturday morning commencing at 8:15am and run until about midday. Club registration is $165 per child - this includes the weekly competition and all Geelong Championship entries. The Geelong Centre operates on a three program system . Athletes in the age groups under 8 to under 15 can compete in up to five events each week, while under 6 and 7 athletes participate in the On Track program. 
Geelong Championships are held for Relays, Multi-event and Track and Field events. 
Athletes can represent the Geelong Centre in Region and State Relay, Multi-event and Track and Field Championships. 
The Grovedale club area is under and around the palm tree, near the 1500m start. The Grovedale uniform consists of a yellow, black and white top (T-shirt, singlet or crop top) and plain black shorts/briefs (basketball or board shorts not permitted).

​Age groups are calculated from your age as at 31st December, e.g if you turn 15 before 31st December, you would compete as an under 16.

Competition changes for the 2020/21 season

On Trackers 
The On Track program is a LAVic initiative to provide all children starting out in the under 6 and 7 age groups with increased instruction, practice opportunities and motivation. Children are placed in small groups and participate in a range of skills working through a sequential program designed to encourage partcipation and move through various stages appropriate for their ability. Essentially, the theory is that the under 6s and 7s will learn the simple, basic skills that provide the framework upon which the learning of athletic skills depends. The program goes for 90 minutes each week during the track and field season. There will be a "championship day" where they compete in the 100m, long jump, shot put and 400m. 

Cross Country 
The Geelong Little Athletics Cross Country season commences in April and runs through to July. 
The venues vary each week and events are held throughout the Geelong region. All races are held on a Sunday morning with registrations being taken from 10:30am, with the course walk at 11:00am. The first event starts at 11:15am. The events are: 
Under 7 and 8 boys and girls - 1000m 
Under 9 and 10 boys and girls - 1500m 
Under 11 and 12 boys and girls - 2000m 
Under 13, 14 and 15 boys and girls - 3000m 
Athletes can represent the Geelong Centre in Region and State Cross Country Championships.

It is recommended that all families read the Geelong Little Athletics Centre Handbook. It has all the details about Little Aths in Geelong. This year it is in digital format only and can be downloaded here: 

Codes of behaviour 
The Grovedale Little Athletic Club doesn't have a lot of rules. But there are a few things that we, as a club, expect of all members (athletes and families): 
* At all times it should be remembered that this is Little Aths, not the Olympics. The competitors are children, not adults.
* Children should be encouraged to participate because they want to, not because someone said they should.
* The focus should be on the child's effort, not the outcome of the event. PB's are far more important than a first placing. Remember - their best is good enough. And if the effort was not their best ... who cares? The idea is to have fun.
* Children should always participate according to the rules. If you don't know the rules, ask someone who does.
* Everyone should encourage all athletes, no matter who they are or what club/center they compete for. 
* Athletics is by nature an individual sport. However we can still foster team spirit by encouraging respect for other club members.
* Little Aths is not a child minding center. An adult guardian must be present at all times.
* Parents have an obligation to do their fair share of duty. If you're not confident or up to date with the rules, ask someone for help. Failure to do a fair share of duty can result in official warnings - suspension of athletes or a request to leave the club can also result if the omission becomes a regular occurrence.
* All officials are volunteers and do their job to the best of their ability - they should be respected for this. They are also human beings. Sometimes mistakes are made - but if we expect our kids to get over their disappointments, what example are we setting if we react adversely to an official's decision?
* We are not always happy with situations at a club level. If you believe you have a constructive contribution to make, join the committee. The more different points of view we receive, the more balanced our club becomes.
* Bullying will not be tolerated in any form.
* Bad language should never be used.
* For more detail on our policies please refer to our National Child Protection Policy

If you have any questions or concerns or wish to report an infringement of these codes please contact our club president or secretary.

Grovedale Little Athletics.